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Large Phased Arrays Diagnostic via Distributional Approach

By Aniello Buonanno, Michele D'Urso, Maurizio Cicolani, and Stefano Mosca
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 153-166, 2009


A deterministic method for detecting faulty elements in phased arrays is proposed and tested against experimental and numerical data. The solution approach assumes as input the amplitude and phase of the near-field distributions and allows to determine both positions and currents of radiating elements. The corresponding non linear inverse problem is properly solved by exploiting the distributional approach, which allows to cast the initial problem to the solution of a linear one, whose solution is made stable by adopting a proper regularization scheme based on the Truncated Singular Value Decomposition tool. The results fully confirm accuracy of the proposed technique.


Aniello Buonanno, Michele D'Urso, Maurizio Cicolani, and Stefano Mosca, "Large Phased Arrays Diagnostic via Distributional Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 153-166, 2009.


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