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Propagation Analysis and Deployment of a Wireless Sensor Network in a Forest

By Jose Antonio Gay-Fernandez, Manuel Garcia Sanchez, Inigo Cuinas, Ana Vazquez Alejos, Javier Garcia Sanchez, and Jose Luis Miranda-Sierra
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 106, 121-145, 2010


A complete study for the deployment of a wireless sensor network in a forest based on ZigBee is presented in this paper. First, due to the lack of propagation models for peer to peer networks in forests, propagation experiments were carried out to determine the propagation model. This model was then used for planning and deploying an actual wireless sensor network. The performance of the network was compared with the expected theoretical behavior to extract some conclusions that are presented in the paper. Finally, some general conclusions, as an estimation of the minimum number of routers necessary to cover a given area, are extracted from the experiments and presented in the paper.


Jose Antonio Gay-Fernandez, Manuel Garcia Sanchez, Inigo Cuinas, Ana Vazquez Alejos, Javier Garcia Sanchez, and Jose Luis Miranda-Sierra, "Propagation Analysis and Deployment of a Wireless Sensor Network in a Forest," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 106, 121-145, 2010.


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