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Investigation of Fano Resonances Induced by Higher Order Plasmon Modes on a Circular Nano-Disk with an Elongated Cavity

By Muhammad Amin and Hakan Bagci
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 187-206, 2012


In this paper, a planar metallic nanostructure design, which supports two distinct Fano resonances in its extinction crosssection spectrum under normally incident and linearly polarized electromagnetic field, is proposed. The proposed design involves a circular disk embedding an elongated cavity; shifting and rotating the cavity break the symmetry of the structure with respect to the incident field and induce higher order plasmon modes. As a result, Fano resonances are generated in the visible spectrum due to the destructive interference between the sub-radiant higher order modes and super-radiant the dipolar mode. The Fano resonances can be tuned by varying the cavity's width and the rotation angle. An RLC circuit, which is mathematically equivalent to a mass-spring oscillator, is proposed to model the optical response of the nanostructure design.


Muhammad Amin and Hakan Bagci, "Investigation of Fano Resonances Induced by Higher Order Plasmon Modes on a Circular Nano-Disk with an Elongated Cavity," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 187-206, 2012.


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