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An Adaptive Method to Focusing in an Unknown Scenario

By Lorenzo Crocco, Loreto Di Donato, Domenica A. M. Iero, and Tommaso Isernia
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 563-579, 2012


The problem of field focusing radiated onto a target location in an unknown scenario is considered. In particular, we devise an adaptive procedure in which first an image of the unknown region where the target point is located is formed via LSM. Then, the LSM result is used also to define the excitations coefficients for the array elements needed to focus the field. This novel approach to focusing is described and tested with numerical examples.


Lorenzo Crocco, Loreto Di Donato, Domenica A. M. Iero, and Tommaso Isernia, "An Adaptive Method to Focusing in an Unknown Scenario," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 563-579, 2012.


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