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Reconstruction of Microwave Absorption Properties in Heterogeneous Tissue for Microwave-Induced Thermo-Acoustic Tomography

By Jinguo Wang, Zhiqin Zhao, Jian Song, Xiaozhang Zhu, Zai-Ping Nie, and Qing Huo Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 225-240, 2012


Aiming to efficiently overcome the acoustic refraction and accurately reconstruct the microwave absorption properties in heterogeneous tissue, an iterative reconstruction method is proposed for microwave-induced thermo-acoustic tomography (MITAT) system. Most current imaging methods in MITAT assume that the heterogeneous sound velocity (SV) distribution obeys a simple Gaussian distribution. In real problem, the biological tissue may have several different inclusions with different SV distribution. In this case, the acoustic refraction must be taken into account. The proposed iterative method is consisted of an iterative engine with time reversal mirror (TRM), fast marching method (FMM) and simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART). This method utilizes TRM, FMM and SART to estimate the SV distribution of tissue to solve the phase distortion problem caused by the acoustic refraction effect and needs little prior knowledge of the tissue. The proposed method has great advantages in both spatial resolution and contrast for imaging tumors in acoustically heterogeneous medium. Some numerical simulation results are given to demonstrate the excellent performance of the proposed method.


Jinguo Wang, Zhiqin Zhao, Jian Song, Xiaozhang Zhu, Zai-Ping Nie, and Qing Huo Liu, "Reconstruction of Microwave Absorption Properties in Heterogeneous Tissue for Microwave-Induced Thermo-Acoustic Tomography," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 130, 225-240, 2012.


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