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3D Printed Lattices with Spatially Variant Self-Collimation

By Raymond C. Rumpf, Javier Pazos, Cesar R. Garcia, Luis Ochoa, and Ryan Wicker
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 139, 1-14, 2013


In this work, results are given for controlling waves arbitrarily inside a new type of spatially variant lattice. To demonstrate the concept, an unguided beam was made to flow around a 90° bend without diffracting or scattering. Control of the field was achieved by spatially varying the orientation of the unit cells throughout a self-collimating photonic crystal, but in a manner that almost completely eliminated deformations to the size and shape of the unit cells. The device was all-dielectric, monolithic, and made from an ordinary dielectric with low relative permittivity (εr = 2.45). It was manufactured by fused deposition modeling, a form of 3D printing, and its performance confirmed experimentally at around 15 GHz.


Raymond C. Rumpf, Javier Pazos, Cesar R. Garcia, Luis Ochoa, and Ryan Wicker, "3D Printed Lattices with Spatially Variant Self-Collimation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 139, 1-14, 2013.


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