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Modeling and Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Quasi-Continuous High Magnetic Field Systems

By Huan Li and Hongfa Ding
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 139, 353-372, 2013


This paper proposes a coupling model of the Quasi-Continuous High Magnetic Field (QCHMF) systems that incorporates the electrical, thermal and mechanical dynamics of the magnet system and the power supply system. The design of QCHMF systems is formulated as a five-objective optimization problem and a scoring system based on preference of the designer is adopted to classify the Pareto points of the optimization problem. An optimized mono-coil 50 T/100 ms QCHMF system is designed with a 67.5 MW rectifier of the Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center (WHMFC), which is taken as an example to verify the proposed model and optimization method. Detailed simulation models of the optimized QCHMF system are built in Matlab and Comsol and the results agree well with the designed technical specifications. The proposed model and optimization method are generic which can be applied to other QCHMF systems with minor modifications.


Huan Li and Hongfa Ding, "Modeling and Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Quasi-Continuous High Magnetic Field Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 139, 353-372, 2013.


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