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Robust Cylindrical Plasmonic Nano-Antennas for Light-Matter Interaction

By Kaushal Choonee and Richard R. A. Syms
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 148, 129-139, 2014


A cylindrical metallic plasmonic nano-antenna consisting of a shell supporting a disk, named capped shell, is proposed and studied by frequency domain finite element analysis. This new topology is shown to be weakly dependent on the radius of the structure and is therefore suitable for fabrication by parallel processes such as island lithography which generates a pseudo-random array with a distribution of diameters. Furthermore, compared to similar resonators such as rods, disks and shells, the capped shell generates a larger volume with high fields, and is hence useful as a nano-antenna for light-matter interaction.


Kaushal Choonee and Richard R. A. Syms, "Robust Cylindrical Plasmonic Nano-Antennas for Light-Matter Interaction," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 148, 129-139, 2014.


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