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Energy Transfer for Implantable Electronics in the Electromagnetic Midfield (Invited Paper)

By John S. Ho and Ada S. Y. Poon
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 148, 151-158, 2014


The wireless transfer of electromagnetic energy into the human body could power medical devices and enable new ways to treat various disorders. To control energy transfer, metal structures are used to generate and manipulate radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. Most systems for transfer across the biological tissue operate in the quasi-static limit, but operation beyond this regime could afford new powering capabilities. This review discusses some recent developments in the design and implementation of systems operating in the electromagnetic midfield, where transfer exploits wave-like fields in the body.


John S. Ho and Ada S. Y. Poon, "Energy Transfer for Implantable Electronics in the Electromagnetic Midfield (Invited Paper)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 148, 151-158, 2014.


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