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High Efficiency Multi-Functional All-Optical Logic Gates Based on MIM Plasmonic Waveguide Structure with the Kerr-Type Nonlinear Nano-Ring Resonators

By Yaw-Dong Wu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 170, 79-95, 2021


In this paper, high efficiency multi-functional all-optical logic gates based on a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) plasmonic waveguide structure with Kerr-type nonlinear nano-ring resonators are proposed. The proposed structure consists of three straight input ports, eight nano-ring resonators filled with the Kerr-type nonlinear medium, and one straight output port. By fixing the input signal power and properly changing the control power, it can be used to design high efficiency multi-functional all-optical logic gates. The numerical results show that the proposed Kerr-type nonlinear plasmonic waveguide structures could really function as all-optical XOR/NXOR, AND/NAND, and OR/NOR logic gates in the optical communication spectral region. The transmission efficiency of the high logic state is higher than 95%, and that of the low logic state is about 0% at the wavelength 1310nm. The performance of the proposed logic gates was analyzed and simulated by the finite element method (FEM).


Yaw-Dong Wu, "High Efficiency Multi-Functional All-Optical Logic Gates Based on MIM Plasmonic Waveguide Structure with the Kerr-Type Nonlinear Nano-Ring Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 170, 79-95, 2021.


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