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Squeezing of Hyperbolic Polaritonic Rays in Cylindrical Lamellar Structures

By Lu Song, Lian Shen, and Huaping Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 174, 23-32, 2022


We propose the squeezing of hyperbolic polaritonic rays in cylindrical lamellar structures with hyperbolic dispersion. This efficient design is presented through conformal mapping transformation by combining with circular effective-medium theory (CEMT) that is adopted to predict the optical response of concentric cylindrical binary metal-dielectric layers. The volume-confined hyperbolic polaritons supported in these cylindrical lamellar structures could be strongly squeezed when they propagate toward the origin since their wavelength shortens, and velocity decreases. To demonstrate the importance of using CEMT for engineering highly-squeezed hyperbolic polaritons, both CEMT and planar effective-medium theory (PEMT) are utilized to design the cylindrical lamellar structures. It is shown that the PEMT-based design is unable to achieve hyperbolic polaritons squeezing even with a sufficiently large number of metal-dielectric binary layers. Remarkably, this study opens new opportunities for hyperbolic polaritons squeezing, and the findings are promising for propelling nanophotonics technologies and research endeavours.


Lu Song, Lian Shen, and Huaping Wang, "Squeezing of Hyperbolic Polaritonic Rays in Cylindrical Lamellar Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 174, 23-32, 2022.


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