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Vol. 24

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PIER Vol. 24, 311-335, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99032903

Sdra Approach for Higher-Order Impedance Boundary Conditions for Complex Multi-Layer Coatings on Curved Conducting Bodies

Vincenzo Galdi and I. M. Pinto

PIER Vol. 24, 279-310, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99042601

Full-Wave Analysis of a Fabry-Perot Type Resonator

Dimitra Kaklamani

PIER Vol. 24, 257-277, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99030803

A Body of Revolution Finite Difference Time Domain Method with Perfectly Matched Layer Absorbing Boundary

V. Rodriguez-Pereyra, Atef Elsherbeni, and Charles Smith

PIER Vol. 24, 227-256, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99030821

A Generalized Finite Sized Dipole Model for Radar and Medical Imaging Part II: Near Field Formulation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

T. S. Naveendra and Paul R. P. Hoole

PIER Vol. 24, 201-225, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99030820

A Generalized Finite Sized Dipole Model for Radar and Medical Imaging Part I: Near Field Formulation for Radar Imaging

T. S. Naveendra and Paul R. P. Hoole

PIER Vol. 24, 185-199, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99020204

FDTD Characterization of Meander Line Antennas for RF and Wireless Communications

C.-W. P. Huang, Atef Elsherbeni, J. J. Chen, and Charles Smith

PIER Vol. 24, 163-183, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99032901

Far-Field Decoupled Basis for the Method of Moments-2D Case

R. V. Sabariego, L. Landesa, Fernando Obelleiro, and Antonio Garcia-Pino

PIER Vol. 24, 139-161, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER98102001

Explicit Matrix Formulation for the Analysis of Synthetic Linearly and Non Linearly Loaded Materials in FDTD

Fabrice Auzanneau and Richard Ziolkowski

PIER Vol. 24, 119-138, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99020205

Effective Permittivity of Dry Snow in the 18 to 90 GHz Range

W. Huining, Jouni Pulliainen, and Martti Hallikainen

PIER Vol. 24, 97-118, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99012801

Multi-Dimensional Generalization in Space and Time Domains for Middleton's Study in Stochastic Evaluation of Correlative Many EM Noise Processes

Mitsuo Ohta, Y. Mitani, and H. Ogawa

PIER Vol. 24, 77-96, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99012001

Performance Analysis of a Glrt in Late-Time Radar Target Detection

J. E. Mooney, Z. Ding, and L. S. Riggs

PIER Vol. 24, 39-75, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99010503

Transfer Relations for Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from Periodic Dielectric One-Dimensional Interface: TE Polarization Lines

Yuru Nicolaevich Barabanenkov, Valeri Kouznetsov, and Mikhail Yurievitch Barabanenkov

PIER Vol. 24, 19-37, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER98122202

Magnetic Field Integral Equation for Electromagnetic Scattering by Conducting Bodies of Revolution in Layered Media

Adel Mohsen and Alaa Abdelmageed

PIER Vol. 24, 1-17, 1999. doi:10.2528/PIER99032902

Coupled-Mode Analysis of Line Parameters of Coupled Microstrip Lines

Mayumi Matsunaga, Minoru Katayama, and Kiyotoshi Yasumoto