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Switchable Split-Ring Frequency Selective Surfaces

By Mustafa H. B. Ucar, Adnan Sondas, and Yunus Emre Erdemli
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 6, 65-79, 2008


Tunable frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) based on split ring resonators (SRRs) are presented. Tuning performance is achieved by means of several on/off switches placed between the rings of each SRR element. The band-stop FSS response is dynamically tuned to different frequency bands at different switching states. In addition, loadings placed at the corners of outer ring elements, forming a fan-like shape, with additional switches are shown to offer rather fine-tuning capability. A dual-layer FSS is also introduced to demonstrate a filter response over a larger frequency band, and also offers tunable dualband operation via switching. By using complementary SRR elements, a tunable band-pass response instead can be obtained using a similar switching configuration. Practical switch modeling is also examined in the paper along with the scanning performance of the SRR-FSS. The numerical analysis of the FSS designs is accomplished using a fast periodic array simulator, and the measurements demonstrate preliminary validation of the proposed switching configuration.


Mustafa H. B. Ucar, Adnan Sondas, and Yunus Emre Erdemli, "Switchable Split-Ring Frequency Selective Surfaces," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 6, 65-79, 2008.


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