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Novel Compact Dual-Band Bandpass Microstrip Filter

By Subash Vegesna and Mohammad Saed
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 20, 245-262, 2010


In this paper, a novel microstrip structure is developed to realize a dual-band bandpass filter. The proposed bandpass structure uses a microstrip resonator with two independently controlled resonance frequencies producing two frequency bands of interest controlled by adjusting the dimensions of the resonator. Parametric analysis is performed on the structure to determine the optimum dimensions to obtain the desired frequency response and is explained in the paper. The dual-band bandpass filter developed in this paper exhibits dual operating frequencies at 1390 MHz and 2520 MHz with 9.85% and 9.92% fractional bandwidths respectively. We achieved a compact second-order dual-band bandpass filter with controllable resonance frequencies and low insertion losses in the passband with high selectivity. The measured results are in good agreement with simulated results. Additionally, it can be easily fabricated and can be used in applications where miniaturization and compatibility with microstrip technology are of primary concern.


Subash Vegesna and Mohammad Saed, "Novel Compact Dual-Band Bandpass Microstrip Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 20, 245-262, 2010.


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