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Plane Wave Scattered by n Dielectric Coated Conducting Strips Using Asymptotic Approximate Solution

By Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 21, 113-128, 2010


The paper aims at solving the problem of plane electromagnetic waves scattered by N dielectric coated conducting strips. The method used is based on an asymptotic technique introduced by Karp and Russek for solving scattering by wide slit. The technique assumes the total scattered field from each coated strip as the sum of the scattered fields from the individual element due to a plane incident wave plus scattered fields from factious line sources of unknown intensity located at the center of every element. The line sources account for the multiple scattering effect. By enforcing the boundary conditions, the intensity of the line sources can be calculated. Numerical examples are introduced for comparison with data published in the literature.


Hassan Ragheb and Essam Hassan, "Plane Wave Scattered by n Dielectric Coated Conducting Strips Using Asymptotic Approximate Solution," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 21, 113-128, 2010.


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