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Slot Design for Dynamic Iron Loss Reduction in Induction Machines

By Sana Jelassi, Raphael Romary, and Jean-Francois Brudny
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 52, 79-97, 2013


The goal of this paper is to present a semi analytical method which makes it possible the calculation of the dynamic iron losses in a three phase induction machine taking the slotting effect into account. The particularity of this method is that it allows the distinction of the stator and the rotor slot openings contribution in the dynamic and, consequently, in the total iron losses. This analytical study shows that a convenient choice of the stator and the rotor slot openings leads to an iron loss reduction, due to the cancellation of particular flux density slotting harmonics. Theoretical results are confirmed numerically.


Sana Jelassi, Raphael Romary, and Jean-Francois Brudny, "Slot Design for Dynamic Iron Loss Reduction in Induction Machines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 52, 79-97, 2013.


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