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Magnetoelectric-Field Microwave Antennas: Far-Field Orbital Angular Momenta from Chiral-Topology Near Fields

By Maksim Berezin, Eugene O. Kamenetskii, and Reuven Shavit
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 68, 141-157, 2016


The near fields in the proximity of a small ferrite particle with magnetic-dipolar-mode (MDM) oscillations have space and time symmetry breakings. Such MDM-originated fields --- called magnetoelectric (ME) fields --- carry both spin and orbital angular momentums. By virtue of unique topology, ME fields are strongly different from free-space electromagnetic (EM) fields. In this paper, we show that because of chiral topology of ME fields in a near-field region, farfield orbital angular momenta (OAM) can be observed, both numerically and experimentally. In a single-element antenna, we obtain a radiation pattern with an angular squint. We reveal that in far-field microwave radiation a crucial role is played by the ME energy distribution in the near-field region.


Maksim Berezin, Eugene O. Kamenetskii, and Reuven Shavit, "Magnetoelectric-Field Microwave Antennas: Far-Field Orbital Angular Momenta from Chiral-Topology Near Fields," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 68, 141-157, 2016.


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