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Structural and Magnetic Studies of Fe100-X Cox Nanotubes Obtained by Template Method

By Kayrat Kamalovich Kadyrzhanov, Vyacheslav Serafimovich Rusakov, Artem Leonidovich Kozlovskiy, Maxim Vladimirovich Zdorovets, Egor Yur'evich Kaniukov, Alena Euhenauna Shumskaya, Inesh Ergazievna Kenzhina, and Maxim Sergeevich Fadeev
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 82, 77-88, 2018


Hollow nanostructures based on the Fe100-xCox alloy were synthesized in the pores of polymer template matrices based on PET using the electrochemical deposition method. Morphology, elemental composition, and structural features were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive analysis, and X-ray diffractometry. The study of the internal magnetic texture was carried out using Mossbauer spectroscopy. The dependence of the change in structural and magnetic properties from the atomic content of components in nanotube structure is revealed. It is established that the synthesized nanostructures are hollow Fe100-xCox nanotubes with a body-centered cubic crystal structure. The decrease in the unit cell parameter with increasing cobalt concentration is due to the difference in the radii of Fe (1.227 Å) and Co (1.191 Å) atoms. It is established that a random distribution of magnetic moments directions of Fe atoms is observed for Fe100Co0 nanotubes. And magnetic texture along the nanotube axis is observed for Fe100-xCox nanotubes, with an increase in Co atoms concentration. The average angle between the direction of the magnetic moment of iron atoms and the nanotube axis decreases from ϑ = 54.6˚ to ϑ = 24.5˚.


Kayrat Kamalovich Kadyrzhanov, Vyacheslav Serafimovich Rusakov, Artem Leonidovich Kozlovskiy, Maxim Vladimirovich Zdorovets, Egor Yur'evich Kaniukov, Alena Euhenauna Shumskaya, Inesh Ergazievna Kenzhina, and Maxim Sergeevich Fadeev, "Structural and Magnetic Studies of Fe100-X Cox Nanotubes Obtained by Template Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 82, 77-88, 2018.


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