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Enhanced HF RFID Detection Area of Mobile Small Tag via Distributed Diameter Coil Resonator

By Marjorie Grzeskowiak, Antoine Diet, Megdouda Benamara, Christophe Conessa, Stephane Protat, Marc Biancheri-Astier, Francisco de Oliviera Alves, Yann Le Bihan, and Gaelle Lissorgues
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 82, 237-249, 2018


To improve HF detection of small RFID tags, a Distributed Diameter Coil (DDC) resonator is included in the reader coil. The key ideas of detection improvement are twofold: using a resonator with Magnetic Resonant Coupling (MRC) and modifying the distribution of diameter and current for each loop of the DDC resonator. These factors allow the magnetic coupling to increase between the reader and the smaller tag, especially in our case where the effective area of the tag is below 0,1% of the reader coil surface. Numerical simulations are carried out using HFSS to confirm the enhancement of the mutual coupling between the tag and the reader coil: the coupling coefficient is used in double-loop coupling (the case of the coupling of two loops), when a third loop (resonator) is inserted. The optimization of the magnetic coupling between a large reader and a small tag with resonator could be realized in changing first the sub-coil diameters, and then the sub-coil number of turns. One figure of merit to quantify the ability of surface detection is defined. A 15% improvement of detection surface in Horizontal Mode is measured at 1 cm of the reader plane in comparison with a conventional coil. Experimental detection measurements on real structures are described to validate statements.


Marjorie Grzeskowiak, Antoine Diet, Megdouda Benamara, Christophe Conessa, Stephane Protat, Marc Biancheri-Astier, Francisco de Oliviera Alves, Yann Le Bihan, and Gaelle Lissorgues, "Enhanced HF RFID Detection Area of Mobile Small Tag via Distributed Diameter Coil Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 82, 237-249, 2018.


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