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Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and Vehicular Communication

By Mandar Padmakar Joshi and Vitthal J. Gond
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 97, 163-176, 2019


This paper presents the design and analysis of a dual-band circularly polarized (CP) microstrip patch antenna for WLAN and vehicular communication applications. In this antenna, an L-shaped slot is cut, and a square parasitic patch with diagonally opposite corners cut is loaded in offset beneath to monopole antenna to realize dual band CP response with wideband response. The antenna exhibits dual band CP response at 2.45 GHz (WLAN) and 5.9 GHz (Vehicular) having 20.45% and 15.73% of simulated impedance bandwidth and 6.84% and 14.16% of axial ratio bandwidth for WLAN and Vehicular band respectively. The measured impedance bandwidth (S11 < -10 dB) is 19.43% and 12.73% for WLAN and vehicular band respectively. The antenna design is simple and fabricated using an economical glass epoxy FR4 substrate with size of 45 × 40 mm2. The measured results are found in good agreement with simulated results. The proposed antenna is analyzed using transmission line equivalent circuits, and the details are presented and discussed.


Mandar Padmakar Joshi and Vitthal J. Gond, "Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and Vehicular Communication," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 97, 163-176, 2019.


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