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Double-Elliptical Shaped Miniaturized Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Ultra-Wide Band Applications

By Jerry Jose, Aruldas Shobha Rekh Paulson, and Manayanickal Joseph Jose
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 97, 95-107, 2019


Greater design flexibility and newer miniaturization techniques are highly sought after by the commercial antenna industry and researchers. Micro-Strip Patch Antenna (MSPA) is finding huge applications in various fields of communication. In the present paper, the novel idea of Double-Elliptical Micro-strip Patch Antenna (DEMPA) is proposed for antenna miniaturization and higher design flexibility. The Double-Elliptical Patch (DEP) is made as the combination of two half-elliptical patches having the same minor axis and different semi-major axes or the same major axis and different semi-minor axes. A DEP with different lengths of horizontally arranged semi-major axes and centrally given feed was considered here. The length of semi-major axis for right half-elliptical patch was varied while keeping the length of semi-major axis for left half-elliptical patch fixed. Design of DEMPA was carried out using Ansoft HFSS software, and the antenna has been fabricated and tested. The measured results were in good agreement with the simulated ones. The percentage reduction in effective patch area was found to be 8.33 for DEMPA compared to the corresponding elliptical patch antenna. The DEMPA covered the entire frequency range of Ultra Wide Band (UWB). With this novel shape, greater design flexibility along with miniaturization is achieved. The axial ratio analysis showed that the resulted antenna was of linear polarization.


Jerry Jose, Aruldas Shobha Rekh Paulson, and Manayanickal Joseph Jose, "Double-Elliptical Shaped Miniaturized Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Ultra-Wide Band Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 97, 95-107, 2019.


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