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A High Gain CPW Fed Metamaterial Antenna for UWB Applications

By Deepa Negi and Rajesh Khanna
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 51-63, 2023


A multi-resonating coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed flexible antenna using metamaterial unit cell is designed for various UWB wireless communication systems. The designed unit cell has the total dimension of 14.8 mm × 14.8 mm × 0.25 mm. The top layer of the cell has a circular ring slot combined with four modified T shaped radiators giving metamaterial characteristics. The unit cell uses perfect boundary conditions along with y axis wave propagation, and it gives wide NRI region covering 2 to 16 GHz of frequency range. The overall gain of proposed CPW fed antenna is increased by using a 3 ×3 metamaterial array as reflector at the back of antenna. The metamaterial antenna has 2 to 16 GHz of total bandwidth and peak gain of 13.1 dB. Further the measured outcomes are in accordance with the simulated ones.


Deepa Negi and Rajesh Khanna, "A High Gain CPW Fed Metamaterial Antenna for UWB Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 51-63, 2023.


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