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Study of Miniaturized SIW and Rwg Limiters for S-Band Receiver Protector Radar and Communication Applications

By Ahmed F. Miligy, Assem H. Elfeky, Hassan Nadir Kheirallah, Mohamed R. M. Rizk, and Yasser M. Madany
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 171-185, 2023


Limiter is a protective structure that is considered a vital device in microwave systems, especially radars. A limiter operates as a receiver protection against large input power for receiver microwave circuit component protection and allows the receiver to function normally when these large signals are not present. In this paper, the investigation and implementation of a miniaturized microwave substrate integrated waveguide power limiter (SIWL), approximately 43×20.5×135 millimeters cubed, for low power receiver protection in military S-Band portable radar applications are compared with a rectangular waveguide limiter (RWGL), approximately 72.14×64.04×178.05 millimeters cubed, and analyzed using commercial software. The proposed limiter design configurations for receiver protection have been designed, analyzed, and compared with samples of the other literature techniques. The proposed designs have been fabricated, and the microwave characteristics have been illustrated. The measured results of the proposed limiters have been analyzed, and the agreement between the measured and simulated results shows that the proposed limiters provide excellent protection and meet the needs of low power receiver portable radar and communication applications with a design that reduces SIWL size.


Ahmed F. Miligy, Assem H. Elfeky, Hassan Nadir Kheirallah, Mohamed R. M. Rizk, and Yasser M. Madany, "Study of Miniaturized SIW and Rwg Limiters for S-Band Receiver Protector Radar and Communication Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 171-185, 2023.


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