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Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Along a Compact Nerve Fiber in the Optical and Infrared Ranges

By Vasiliy A. Es'kin, Sergey V. Leonov, Oleg M. Ostafiychuk, and Alexander V. Kudrin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 37-49, 2023


A study is made of the guiding properties of a nerve fiber consisting of myelinated axons as applied to electromagnetic waves in the optical and infrared ranges. Based on rigorous expressions for the electromagnetic field in the presence of a nerve fiber, the dispersion properties and field structures of eigenmodes guided by the fiber are analyzed for different values of the dielectric permittivity of myelin. It is shown that such a complex waveguide of natural origin can support the propagation of weakly attenuated eigenmodes in the considered ranges. It is shown that the dispersion properties and field structures of the modes of the nerve fiber can differ significantly from those of a single axon.


Vasiliy A. Es'kin, Sergey V. Leonov, Oleg M. Ostafiychuk, and Alexander V. Kudrin, "Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Along a Compact Nerve Fiber in the Optical and Infrared Ranges," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 37-49, 2023.


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