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A Novel Low Profile Turbinella Shaped Antenna for 5G Millimeter Wave Applications

By Madhusudhanan Nair Ayyappan, Abhijeet Gaonkar, and Pragati Patel
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 129-144, 2023


This article investigates a Turbinella-shaped super wideband monopole antenna designed to accommodate the attributes of the fifth-generation (5G) technology which is the enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB). The antenna is designed to work with the current millimetre wave bands, including n77, n78, and n258, and it provides the increased data rate needed for eMBB applications. The proposed antenna comprises a Turbinella-shaped patch, a 50 Ω tapered feed line, and a multi-slotted partial ground plane. The self-similarity and space-filling nature of circular geometrical fractal is employed in a novel way to acquire the antenna compactness and broadband performances. Further with the design of a tuning fork-shaped Defective Ground Structure (DGS), super wideband characteristics to incorporate 5G millimeter bands are obtained. The proposed antenna has a compact size of 0.25λ × 0.32λ along with a bandwidth of 173.33% along the frequency ranging from 3 to 41.97 GHz and has achieved a compactness of 81%. Moreover, the fundamental dimension limit theorem is used to demonstrate the antenna's compactness. Time domain analysis is also studied in this article.


Madhusudhanan Nair Ayyappan, Abhijeet Gaonkar, and Pragati Patel, "A Novel Low Profile Turbinella Shaped Antenna for 5G Millimeter Wave Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 129-144, 2023.


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