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Load Angle of Flux Modulated Magnetic Gears

By Rong-Jie Wang, Stanley Robert Holm, Josh Scheepers, and Stiaan Gerber
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 255-269, 2023


In this paper, the authors address the issue of the flux-modulated magnetic gear (FMMG), which offers many potential advantages over traditional mechanical gears for a wide range of applications. In the proposed FMMG model, two permanent magnet (PM) carriers are of different pole-pairs and rotate asynchronously, and their relative angular position with respect to the pole parts of the flux modulator is not as straightforward and simple as it may seem in conventional electrical machines. Therefore, this paper focuses on the details of the derivation of the FMMG load angle, which attempts to better express the angular relationship between the individual components of an FMMG. Finite element method (FEM) simulations and experiments are used to validate the load angle concept and corresponding results, and are complemented by experimental measurements. It is believed that the concept of loading angle can facilitate the design and simulation of FMMG and magnetically geared machines (MGM) based on the finite element method under different loading conditions.


Rong-Jie Wang, Stanley Robert Holm, Josh Scheepers, and Stiaan Gerber, "Load Angle of Flux Modulated Magnetic Gears," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 132, 255-269, 2023.


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