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Nonuniform Structured Waveguides. Wkb Approach

By Mykola I. Ayzatsky
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 133, 1-13, 2023


The results of the development of an approximate approach for describing structured waveguides, which can be considered as an analogue of the WKB method, are presented. This approach gives possibility to divide the electromagnetic field in structured waveguides with slow varying geometry into forward and backward components and simplify the analysis of the field characteristics, especially the phase distribution. The accuracy of this method was estimated by comparing the solution of the approximate system of equations with the solution of the general system of equations. For this, a special code was written that combines the proposed approach with the more accurate one developed earlier. For the case of fast damping of evanescent waves, a simple solution of the matrix equations is obtained. Based on this approach, the possibility of correcting the phase distribution in a chain of coupled resonators has been studied.


Mykola I. Ayzatsky, "Nonuniform Structured Waveguides. Wkb Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 133, 1-13, 2023.