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On Enhancing the Accuracy of Evaluating Green's Functions for Multilayered Media in the Near-Field Region

By Alaa Abdelmageed and Mourad Ibrahim
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 2, 1-14, 2008


The discrete complex image method stands as one of the most efficient techniques that is able to represent the Green's functions of multilayered structures accurately in the near- and intermediate-field regions. In order to extend the validity of the method to the far region, the surface waves are extracted. Although the extraction process yields accurate results in the intermediate and far-field regions, erroneous results are observed in the near-field region. In this paper, this problem is treated by extracting the contribution of an additional number of artificial poles. Using this scheme, the discrete complex image method can provide accurate representation of Green's functions in both the near- and far-field regions.


Alaa Abdelmageed and Mourad Ibrahim, "On Enhancing the Accuracy of Evaluating Green's Functions for Multilayered Media in the Near-Field Region," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 2, 1-14, 2008.


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