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Numerical Evaluation of the Magnetic Field Exposure Near the Transition Tower of an Overhead-Underground Hv Line

By Wojciech Krajewski
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 14, 247-261, 2010


The paper deals with the analysis of the magnetic field distribution near the transition tower of an overhead-underground transmission line of 110 kV. The current density induced in the human body due to this field is also estimated. A hybrid numerical technique combining both the boundary element method and the charge simulation method is employed for this purpose. This technique is implemented in the author's own software package dedicated to the analysis of electromagnetic exposure in the vicinity of power objects. A simplified numerical model of the human body of dimensions recommended by the IEC/EN standards is employed in computations. Obtained numerical results are related to the appropriate regulations regarding the human exposure to the electromagnetic fields.


Wojciech Krajewski, "Numerical Evaluation of the Magnetic Field Exposure Near the Transition Tower of an Overhead-Underground Hv Line," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 14, 247-261, 2010.


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