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Effects of Antenna Design Parameters on the Characteristics of a Terahertz Coplanar Stripline Dipole Antenna

By Truong Khang Nguyen and Ikmo Park
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 28, 129-143, 2013


This paper presents the antenna design parameter dependency on the impedance and radiation characteristics of a terahertz coplanar stripline dipole antenna. The antenna response is numerically investigated by applying a semi-infinite substrate and by generating a constant voltage source to drive a signal on the antenna. In this way, we can analyze the antenna characteristics without the photoconductive material response and the substrate lens geometrical effects. Further, we explain the mechanism underlying the preferable uses of several millimeter length DC bias striplines in a typical THz coplanar stripline dipole antenna design. The antenna, consisting of a center dipole connected to long bias striplines, has a traveling wave characteristic supporting an attenuated current, rather than a resonant characteristic supporting a standing wave of current. The traveling wave behavior produces stable antenna input impedances and minimal changes in the antenna radiation patterns. We also found that the length of the center dipole has a prominent effect on the antenna gain response.


Truong Khang Nguyen and Ikmo Park, "Effects of Antenna Design Parameters on the Characteristics of a Terahertz Coplanar Stripline Dipole Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 28, 129-143, 2013.


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