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Photonic Analysis of Semiconductor Fibonacci Superlattices: Properties and Applications

By Hadi Rahimi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 38, 25-35, 2014


In this paper, we theoretically study the phase treatment of reflected waves in one-dimensional Fibonacci photonic quasicrystals composed of nano-scale fullerene and semiconductor layers. The dependence of the phase shift of reflected waves for TE mode and TM mode on the wavelength and incident angle is calculated by using the theoretical model based on the transfer matrix method in the infrared wavelength region. In the band gaps of supposed structures, it is found that the phase shift of reflected wave changes more slowly than within the transmission band gaps. Furthermore, the phase shift decreases with the incident angle increasing for TE mode, and increases with the incident angle increasing for TM mode. Also, for the supposed structures it is found that there is a band gap which is insensitive to the order of the Fibonacci sequence. These structures open a promising way to fabricate subwavelength tunable phase compensators, very compact wave plates and phase-sensitive interferometry for TE and TM waves.


Hadi Rahimi, "Photonic Analysis of Semiconductor Fibonacci Superlattices: Properties and Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 38, 25-35, 2014.


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