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A Matching-Pursuit Based Approach for Detecting and Imaging Breast Cancer Tumor

By Mustafa Berkan Bicer, Ali Akdagli, and Caner Ozdemir
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 65-76, 2018


In this study, the scattering map of the breast is reconstructed by applying the matching-pursuit algorithm (MPA) to the simulation data obtained by the monostatic inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) principle, and the locations of the tumors are determined by considering the peaks on the scattering map. The MPA iteratively searches the true solution by assuming every discrete point in the solution space to be a scattering center by dividing the imaging region onto a discrete grid. In order to obtain images with better resolution, the fine granularity of the grid for accurate solutions is provided at the expense of increased processing times. First, our approach based on MPA is tested on simulated data generated by MATLAB for breast tumor detection and imaging. Perfect reconstruction for the locations of the hypothetical breast tumor points is attained. Then, a full-wave electromagnetic simulation software named CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) is used to generate backscattered electric field data from a constructed scenario in which a tumor is located in a breast model. Next, we use the collected data from the defined scenarios as an input to our algorithm. Resultant images provide successful detection and imaging of the tumor region within the breast model. The accuracy of the MATLAB and the CST MWS simulation results demonstrate the availability of our MPA-based focusing algorithm to be used effectively in medical imaging.


Mustafa Berkan Bicer, Ali Akdagli, and Caner Ozdemir, "A Matching-Pursuit Based Approach for Detecting and Imaging Breast Cancer Tumor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 65-76, 2018.


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