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Statistical Modeling of Low-Latitude Long-Distance HF Ionospheric Multi-Mode Channels

By Indah Kurniawati, Gamantyo Hendrantoro, Wirawan, and Muhammad Taufik
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 77-86, 2018


Studies have been reported in the literature on High Frequency (HF) radio channels in mid-latitude areas more frequently than in low-latitude areas. Ionosphere as a reflector of HF radio waves in low-latitude areas might behave differently from that in mid-latitude. This paper reports a statistical model of sky wave HF channel complex impulse response and its parameters, such as channel gain, path gain, phase shift, and delay spread statistics, derived from both simulation and measurement of a 3044 km link in Indonesia. From the evaluations it can be concluded that the multipaths observed with respect to their propagation delays form multiple clusters corresponding to their propagation modes. The channel gain is found to follow Rayleigh distribution, whereas the rms and maximum delay spread exhibit Rayleigh and Gaussian distributions, respectively. This model can be used in performance evaluation of digital communication schemes in low-latitude HF channels.


Indah Kurniawati, Gamantyo Hendrantoro, Wirawan, and Muhammad Taufik, "Statistical Modeling of Low-Latitude Long-Distance HF Ionospheric Multi-Mode Channels," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 77-86, 2018.


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