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Breast Tumor Detection System Based on a Compact UWB Antenna Design

By Ibtisam Amdaouch, Otman Aghzout, Azzeddin Naghar, Ana Vazquez Alejos, and Francisco J. Falcone
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 123-133, 2018


This paper presents a novel breast model system based on a UWB antenna for locating a tumor cancer. The antenna with overall size of 35 mm×20 mm×1.6 mm is characterized with an ultra-wideband of 120% and frequency range of 3 GHz-12 GHz for the FCC band. The proposed antenna exhibits good impedance matching, high gain and omnidirectional radiation patterns. The measurment results are presented to illustrate the performances of the proposed antenna. This antenna has been implemented in a designed system model with dielectric properties of a human breast capable to detect strange objects. The size and localization coordinates of the tumor are studied in detail for better tumor detection. The coordinates of the corresponding maximum value of SAR are identified in order to accurately detect different locations of tumor inside the breast. The results show that the localization of the tumor can be detected with high precision which demonstrates the performance of the proposed antenna and the entire system. The proposed breast model system was developed using the commercial CST Microwave studio simulator.


Ibtisam Amdaouch, Otman Aghzout, Azzeddin Naghar, Ana Vazquez Alejos, and Francisco J. Falcone, "Breast Tumor Detection System Based on a Compact UWB Antenna Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 64, 123-133, 2018.


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