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A Novel Frequency Reconfigurable HF Broadband Whip Antenna Based on GOA Optimization

By Hengfeng Wang, Chao Liu, Huaning Wu, and Xu Xie
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 87, 11-21, 2019


Aiming at the problems of low gain, low efficiency at lower frequency and warping in pattern at higher frequency of 10-meter high frequency (HF) whip antenna, the whip antenna is loaded and matched with the network in different bands using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithms (GOA) and antenna reconfiguration technology, so a new frequency reconfigurable broadband whip antenna is designed in this paper. According to the electrical characteristics of 10-meter HF whip antenna, this paper divides short wave frequency into three bands and designs its radiation structure, loading, and matching network for each band of antenna, respectively. GOA is introduced into the research and design of antenna to optimize the component parameters of loading network and matching network. The results show that the antenna in lower frequency band can be improved at most, the maximum gain growth up to 5.8 dB (from -10.3 dB to -4.5 dB) and the maximum efficiency growth up to 8.5% (from 3% to 11.5%); the gain and efficiency in high frequency band are greatly improved too, and the phenomenon of warping in the pattern is effectively avoided.


Hengfeng Wang, Chao Liu, Huaning Wu, and Xu Xie, "A Novel Frequency Reconfigurable HF Broadband Whip Antenna Based on GOA Optimization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 87, 11-21, 2019.


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