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A Novel Nested Array Design for Direction of Arrival Estimation of Noncircular Signals

By Weijian Si, Zhanli Peng, Changbo Hou, and Fuhong Zeng
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 87, 83-92, 2019


In this paper, a novel nested array is proposed for direction of arrival (DOA) estimation of noncircular signals. By using the noncircular property, the resulting virtual array is composed of difference coarray (DCA) and sum coarray (SCA). Specifically, we first give the properties of DCA and SCA for generalized translational nested array. Then, based on the relationship between DCA and SCA, an optimal translational nested array with increased degrees of freedom (DOFs) is constructed. To extend the physical array aperture, we move part of sensors in the translational nested array to the mirrored locations. Accordingly, the novel nested array with increased DOFs and physical array aperture is obtained. Finally, superiority of the proposed array is demonstrated by simulation experiments.


Weijian Si, Zhanli Peng, Changbo Hou, and Fuhong Zeng, "A Novel Nested Array Design for Direction of Arrival Estimation of Noncircular Signals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 87, 83-92, 2019.


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