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Electromagnetic Loss Analysis and Temperature Field Estimate of Hybrid Double Stator Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor

By Yukun Sun, Kai Cao, Ye Yuan, Shuaipo Guo, Niu Liu, and Le Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 96, 33-43, 2020


A new hybrid double stator bearingless switched reluctance motor (HDSBSRM) realizes the decoupling of torque and suspension force from the structure, and the permanent magnet added in the inner stator further reduces the suspension power loss. For HDSBSRM, loss is the main cause of temperature rise. In order to ensure the stable suspension and rotation of the motor, loss of the Magnetic Bearing (MB) and motor are calculated and analyzed by finite element method (FEM). Based on the loss result, the temperature field is analyzed. The analysis of loss and temperature field provides important theoretical basis for the design of motor cooling system.


Yukun Sun, Kai Cao, Ye Yuan, Shuaipo Guo, Niu Liu, and Le Li, "Electromagnetic Loss Analysis and Temperature Field Estimate of Hybrid Double Stator Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 96, 33-43, 2020.


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