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Efficient Antenna Selection Strategy for a Massive MIMO Downlink System

By J. Roscia Jeya Shiney, Ganesan Indumathi, and A. Allwyn Clarence Asis
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 96, 203-211, 2020


This paper focuses on an efficient antenna selection strategy for a distributed massive MIMO system. The objective of the proposed algorithm is to attain ergodic achievable rate as much as possible with antenna selection in a constrained capacity limited system. In this proposed work, the initial selection of antenna set is based on channel amplitude and correlation which then follows an iterative approach in order to select the best subset of transmit antenna elements from the overall antenna set. The proposed scheme significantly outperforms, in terms of ergodic rate with low complexity, the prevailing transmit antenna selection methods. Simulation results show that the performance of the proposed antenna selection method is close to select all transmission with a minimum throughput loss. Thus the proposed method is best suited for a large scale distributed Massive MIMO system without degradation in system performance and is of low computational complexity.


J. Roscia Jeya Shiney, Ganesan Indumathi, and A. Allwyn Clarence Asis, "Efficient Antenna Selection Strategy for a Massive MIMO Downlink System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 96, 203-211, 2020.


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