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Vol. 06

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PIER Vol. 06, 345-385, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90011300

Free-Space Microwave Measurement Technique for Composite Minerals

M. Maurens, A. Priou, P. Brunier, S. Aussudre, M. Lopez, and P. Combes

PIER Vol. 06, 327-344, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90011200

Microwave Properties of Chiral Composites

Vijay K. Varadan, Y. Ma, and Vasundara V. Varadan

PIER Vol. 06, 315-326, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90011100

Prediction of Electromagnetic Properties of Ferrite Composites

Y. Ma, Vijay K. Varadan, and Vasundara V. Varadan

PIER Vol. 06, 303-313, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90011000

Modeling of Porous Ceramics During Microwave Sintering

V. K. Varadan, Y. Ma, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, and Vasundara V. Varadan

PIER Vol. 06, 273-301, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010900

Ac Electrical Properties of Insulator-Conductor Composites

T. A. Ezquerra, F. Kremer, and G Wegner

PIER Vol. 06, 231-271, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010800

Estimation of Permittivities of Solids from Measurements of Pulverized OR Granular Materials

Stuart Owen Nelson

PIER Vol. 06, 181-230, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010700

Dense Media Radiative Transfer Theory for Dense Discrete Random Media with Particles of Multiple Sizes and Permitivities

Leung Tsang

PIER Vol. 06, 153-180, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010600

Effective Permeability of Mixtures

Ari Sihvola and Ismo Veikko Lindell

PIER Vol. 06, 101-151, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010500

Polarizability Modeling of Heterogenous Media

Ari Sihvola and Ismo Veikko Lindell

PIER Vol. 06, 41-100, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010400

Static Permittivity of Emulsions

Jean-Louis Greffe and C. Grosse

PIER Vol. 06, 1-40, 1992. doi:10.2528/PIER90010300

Mixture Laws and Microwave-Material Interactions

W. R. Tinga