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E-Shaped Patch Symmetrically Loaded with Tunnel Diodes for Frequency Agile/Broadband Operation

By Jamshed Ansari and Ram Ram
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 1, 29-42, 2008


Analysis of a frequency agile broadband E-shaped patch antenna (ESPA) symmetrically loaded with tunnel diodes is presented in this paper. The notch parameters such as notch-length, notch-width and position are optimized to achieve the optimum broadband operation of ESPA. Under the optimum conditions of ESPA (bandwidth 32.35%), the performance of the antenna is also analyzed as a function of bias voltage of tunnel diode. It may be mentioned that the proposed antenna can be operated in tunable band that varies from 1055 MHz (bandwidth 42.54%) to 1324 MHz (bandwidth 49.77%) with the bias voltage. Further, the radiated power of the proposed antenna is enhanced by 5.67 dB as compared to the E-shaped patch antenna.


Jamshed Ansari and Ram Ram, "E-Shaped Patch Symmetrically Loaded with Tunnel Diodes for Frequency Agile/Broadband Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 1, 29-42, 2008.


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