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A Novel Dual-Polarized Double-Ridged Horn Antenna for Wideband Applications

By Ali Reza Mallahzadeh, Ali Dastranj, and Hamid Reza Hassani
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 1, 67-80, 2008


Dual-polarized antenna is widely used in communication systems such as ECM and DF systems. In this paper a novel doubleridged horn antenna with dual polarizations is introduced for frequency range of 8-18 GHz. Common double ridged horn antennas have single polarization over the operating frequency. We have used five layers polarizer to provide dual polarizations performance of the double-ridged horn antenna. In order to achieve dual polarizations the strips width, strips spacing and layers distances are optimized. It is worth mentioning that the corresponding VSWR of the antenna during the optimization process should be maintain below a certain value (VSWR<2). Simulation results show that the proposed antenna yields dual polarizations performance and low VSWR over the operating frequency. We have used CST software for antenna simulation which is based on the finite integral technique.


 (See works that cites this article)
Ali Reza Mallahzadeh, Ali Dastranj, and Hamid Reza Hassani, "A Novel Dual-Polarized Double-Ridged Horn Antenna for Wideband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 1, 67-80, 2008.


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