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Phasing of a Microstrip Reflectarray Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling of Its Elements

By Khalil Sayidmarie and Marek Bialkowski
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 2, 125-136, 2008


The paper reports on investigations into new schemes for dimensional scaling of the elements of a microstrip reflectarray to obtain a slower slope of the reflected wave phase characteristic. First, the phase response as a function of various shape elements is investigated when only one of their dimensions is varied. Next investigations concern the case when two dimensions or features of the element are scaled in a certain manner simultaneously. In the latter case, it is shown that phase responses of lower slopes with a minimal range reduction can be obtained. The feasibility of this concept is illustrated for dipoles, rectangular patches, and square and circular rings. Comparisons of the obtained results show that twodimensionally scaled square and circular rings offer much better phase responses than those observed for dipoles and patches.


Khalil Sayidmarie and Marek Bialkowski, "Phasing of a Microstrip Reflectarray Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling of Its Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 2, 125-136, 2008.


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