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Simulation of Ultra Wideband Microstrip Antenna Using Epml-TLM

By Mahdi Rajabi, Morteza Mohammadi, and Nader Komjani
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 2, 115-124, 2008


In this paper the simulation of ultra wideband microstrip antenna is considered. Because of the ultra wideband characteristics of this antenna, it is better to use time domain simulation methods. In this work we use three dimensional transmission line matrix method (3D-TLM) and EPML-TLM algorithm for modeling PML boundary condition directly applied to TLM algorithm. Finally simulation results of some kinds of this antenna (e.g., linear tapered slot antenna and modified planar inverted cone antenna) are presented and compared with measurements and some commercial software's output.


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Mahdi Rajabi, Morteza Mohammadi, and Nader Komjani, "Simulation of Ultra Wideband Microstrip Antenna Using Epml-TLM," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 2, 115-124, 2008.


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