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A Numerical Solution for the Round Disk Capacitor by Using Annular Patch Subdomains

By Che-Young Kim
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 8, 179-194, 2008


A numerical method is presented for determining the static charge distribution and capacitance of a round disk capacitor. Based on equivalent surface charge distributions, an integral equation subject to the boundary conditions is transformed into an algebraic equation by using the method of moments. In the proposed scheme to eliminate the discretizing errors often encountered in other techniques, annular patch subdomains are introduced, not only to improve the accuracy of solutions, but also to reduce the matrix size of the resultant equation. By solving the transformed algebraic equation, the charges per unit area on the interfaces are numerically determined. With use of the free charge on plates obtained by using annular patches, the capacitance is more accurately calculated. The equipotential lines around a round disk capacitor are also calculated. In order to show the usefulness of this method, the employed scheme is applied to a single circular disk with an exact solution, and to the dielectric filled capacitor partially covered by plates. Those results are examined and discussions are also made to support the validity of the presented scheme.


Che-Young Kim, "A Numerical Solution for the Round Disk Capacitor by Using Annular Patch Subdomains," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 8, 179-194, 2008.


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