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Electromagnetic Scattering of a Field Known on a Curved Interface Using Conformal Gaussian Beams

By Julien Hillairet, Jérôme Sokoloff, and Sylvain Bolioli
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 8, 195-212, 2008


Asymptotic techniques have been successfully applied to compute electromagnetic wave radiation in various high-frequency engineering domains. Recent approaches based on Gaussian beams for tracking fields may overcome some problems inherent to the ray methods such as caustics. The efficiency of these methods is based on the ability to expand surface fields into a superposition of Gaussian beams. However, some difficulties may arise when the surface is curved. In this paper, we propose a new efficient way to expand fields on a curved surface into Gaussian beams. For this purpose, a new beam formulation called Conformal Gaussian Beam (CGB) is used. The CGBs have been developed to overcome the limitation of the expansion into paraxial Gaussian Beams. The analytical Plane-Wave Spectrum and far-field of a CGB are derived and compared with numerical calculations. A brief parameter analysis of the CGBs is realised.


Julien Hillairet, Jérôme Sokoloff, and Sylvain Bolioli, "Electromagnetic Scattering of a Field Known on a Curved Interface Using Conformal Gaussian Beams," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 8, 195-212, 2008.


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