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Boundary Effects in the Electromagnetic Response of a Metamaterial in the Case of Normal Incidence

By Aaron D. Scher and Edward F. Kuester
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 14, 341-381, 2009


In this paper we investigate boundary effects and other consequences of spatial dispersion by analyzing in detail the response of a metamaterial half-space to a monochromatic plane wave normally incident from free-space. The metamaterial is composed of an orthorhombic lattice of identical particles, each of which exhibits both an electric and magnetic response. Rather than relying on the conventional boundary conditions and the Clausius-Mossotti equations, we use instead the point-dipole interaction model and an expansion of polarization in eigenmodes to determine the structure's dispersion relation and electromagnetic response. Using the nearestneighbor approximation, we show how truncating the crystal lattice excites an "ordinary" mode and two "extraordinary" modes that are necessary to satisfy the boundary conditions at the interface. For most cases, the extraordinary modes are evanescent, and thus form a thin transition layer at the surface. However, under certain conditions, typically near particle resonances, either one or both of these modes can be propagating.


Aaron D. Scher and Edward F. Kuester, "Boundary Effects in the Electromagnetic Response of a Metamaterial in the Case of Normal Incidence," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 14, 341-381, 2009.


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