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Triple-Band Printed Dipole Antenna with Single-Band AMC-HIS

By Maisarah Abu, Mohamad Kamal Abd Rahim, Osman Ayop, and Farid Zubir
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 20, 225-244, 2010


In this paper, the designed of triple-band printed dipole antennas are incorporated with single-band artificial magnetic conductor (AMC). The single-band AMCs are designed to resonate at 0.92 GHz, 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz using TLC-32 dielectric substrate. The four important parameters in AMC high impedance surface (HIS) design are also described in this paper. By simulating a unit cell of the AMC structure using a transient solver in Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software, the characteristic of the AMC can be characterized. The AMC condition is characterized by the frequency or frequencies where the magnitude of the reflection coefficient is +1 and its phase is 0°. It has high surface impedance (Zs) and it reflects the external electromagnetic waves without the phase reversal. This characteristic of AMC enables the printed dipole to work properly when the antenna with AMC ground plane (GP) is directly attached to the metal object. The performances of the antenna with and without AMC structure as a ground plane to the antenna such as return loss, realized gain, radiation efficiency, radiation pattern and directivity are studied. Reported results show that the performances of the antenna are improved. Hence, the designed dipole tag antenna can be used for metal object identifications when the AMC structure is introduced as a ground to the antenna. The properties of the antenna are also remained well when the size of metal plate attached to them is increased.


Maisarah Abu, Mohamad Kamal Abd Rahim, Osman Ayop, and Farid Zubir, "Triple-Band Printed Dipole Antenna with Single-Band AMC-HIS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 20, 225-244, 2010.


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