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The Electromagnetic Response of a Metamaterial Slab in the Case of Normal Incidence

By Aaron D. Scher and Edward F. Kuester
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 30, 1-26, 2011


In this paper we analyze the electromagnetic response of a metamaterial slab in the case of normal incidence using the point-dipole interaction model and an expansion of polarization by eigenmodes. The problem is simplified by assuming that the lattice dimensions are smaller than a half wavelength and invoking the nearest neighbor approximation. In this manner, we find the structure supports three modes: an ordinary mode and two extraordinary modes. In the long-wavelength limit, the ordinary mode propagates with the same wave number as that predicted using the classic Clausius-Mossotti relations, while, for most cases, the two extraordinary modes are confined to thin surface transition layers near the boundaries of the slab. A systematic method is presented to find the scattering from the slab, and the results are confirmed by full wave simulation using Ansoft HFSS.


Aaron D. Scher and Edward F. Kuester, "The Electromagnetic Response of a Metamaterial Slab in the Case of Normal Incidence," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 30, 1-26, 2011.


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