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Bowtie Nanoantennas with Polynomial Sides in the Excitation and Emission Regimes

By Karlo Queiroz Da Costa and Victor A. Dmitriev
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 32, 57-73, 2011


In this work, we analyze modified bowtie nanoantennas with polynomial sides in the excitation and emission regimes. In the excitation regime, the antennas are illuminated by an incident plane wave, and in the emission regime, the excitation is fulfilled by infinitesimal electric dipole positioned in the gap of the nanoantennas. Several antennas with different sizes and polynomial order were numerically analyzed by method of moments. The results show that these novel antennas possess a controllable resonance by the polynomial order and good characteristics of near field enhancement and confinement for applications in enhancement of spontaneous emission of a single molecule.


Karlo Queiroz Da Costa and Victor A. Dmitriev, "Bowtie Nanoantennas with Polynomial Sides in the Excitation and Emission Regimes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 32, 57-73, 2011.


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