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Performance Analysis with Coordination Among Base Stations for Next Generation Communication System

By Hsien-Wei Tseng, Yang-Han Lee, Jheng-Yao Lin, Chih-Yuan Lo, and Yih-Guang Jan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 36, 53-67, 2012


Next generation communication system, such as Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A), has the advantages of high transmission rate, wide bandwidth and better bandwidth utilization in high mobility environments. However, in such a kind of system when users are distributed sparsely in the base station coverage range the spectrum efficiency becomes worse. The emergence of new technologies such as the coordination among based stations makes the utilization of system bandwidth more efficient. The technology of coordination among base stations has other merits such as reducing noise interference, increasing receiving diversity, improving the system receiving gain, etc. In this paper, the system spectrum utilization and its associated efficiency will be investigated when the scheme of coordination among base stations is implemented.


Hsien-Wei Tseng, Yang-Han Lee, Jheng-Yao Lin, Chih-Yuan Lo, and Yih-Guang Jan, "Performance Analysis with Coordination Among Base Stations for Next Generation Communication System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 36, 53-67, 2012.


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